Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill


  1. aaaaaah its out yey its awesome!!!!!

  2. OMG!!! It’s so awesome!!!

  3. I loved this guys, really well done, and the bit with everybody in it worked so well, sounded amazing!

  4. I was just talking about this then 40 seconds later it was out Amazing guys keep up the awesome music

  5. Oh my god, this is so good! I was really excited for this an it was a million times more awesome than I had hoped! Great job guys, very well done.

  6. Will this be out on iTunes aswel? Please?

  7. please can you put on itunes and maybe CD?

  8. Michael Silinker

    @yogscast This is amazingly fitting because I just started watching the anime!

  9. great work guys, this version is amazing

  10. Still waiting for the download to finish, but I saw the music video, and am thoroughly impressed. Why isn’t this in the music awards and all that instead of what is now?! One of life’s greatest mysteries.

  11. Oh My God! That…was…AWESOME!

  12. Awww helll yeayuh!!!

  13. DarkBoo1

    is there a chance that the song will be on iTunes in the near future

  14. My god, this is awesome! Area 11 never ceases to amaze me! Best band ever!

  15. I just want to say I love the way you changed this! People may not like he auto tuning, but I feel like it is great. People don’t usually like change and this is the third version of the song; they will get accustomed to it and love it

  16. And, yes, you are loved by a grand total of 2 or 3 guys in my hometown including me. i have also invited a few girls to listen to your music and they seem to like it as horribly unpopular as I am. Although, I am working on spreading your guys’s music around my home town!

    Was the greatest bit, just my Australian opinion

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